How to Keep Lamp from Tipping Over?

Once your baby starts crawling or you bring home a naughty pet, the probability of a floor lamp tipping over and a table lamp falling multiplies.

The little beings are always curious and want to go into the details, you know.

But how to keep lamp from tipping over even if your baby tries?

Don’t you have this question? Probably, you do, and that’s why you are here.

So, let us give you the piece of good news.

Today, you will find a few techniques you can use to keep your lamps in position.

Sighing to hear that? Let’s get started.

How to Keep Lamp from Tipping Over?

Two types of lamps are there: floor lamp and table lamp. You cannot secure floor lamps from tipping like table lamps. In fact, you cannot keep the table lamp from falling over like floor lamps.

So, we have broken down the methods into two sub-sections based on the type of lamp.

How to Keep a Floor Lamp from Tipping Over?

How to Keep Lamp from Tipping Over

Put it Behind Furniture

Put your floor lamp behind a piece of furniture or against a corner to keep your floor lamp intact. Crawling babies bounces things that come in their way when they want to reach their destination.

Place a large chair or a bench before your floor lamp to keep it from falling and in good shape. Let us mention that this is extremely important if you have a floor lamp in the nursery.  

Add Weight to the Base

One of the reasons a floor lamp tips over is the lightweight base. Your floor lamp should have stable, wide, and heavy. So, it could stand the weight of the shade topping over.

The key is to put some weight on your floor lamp’s base to make it stand tall. Floor lamps with heavy-weighted bases are less prone to the risk of falls. This technique works most for floor lamps with shelves by placing a stack of books or vases on the base.

Taping the Cords

Long floor lamp cords are a serious threat to mobile babies in the house. Little beings pull these cords out of curiosity, and that’s how floor lamp tips. Attach the long cords to the baseboards using tapes to secure them in place.

Another thing you can do is run the cord under a piece of furniture or rug. A hidden cord will not catch your baby’s attention. Ultimately, there won’t be damage to your floor lamp, baby, or property.

Wrap the extended piece of cord if your floor lamp has them. Use a rubber band or a Velcro and tie the excess cord to keep it from dangling around. Keep it a few inches from your baby’s reach.

Glue Your Floor Lamp

We didn’t believe it until the parents mentioned they glued their floor lamps. Out there, parents and décor enthusiasts use strengthened glue to keep their floor lamps in position. You can also do it, but this might not work for carpeted floors.

Tying to the Wall

Tying the floor lamp to the wall is another great option to keep it from tipping. However, you need to be a little creative and DIY. Drill an A hook into the wall and attach an O hook to it.

Afterward, make a rope of cord and slide it through your floor lamp’s pole. Finally, attach this cord to the O hook. This will keep your floor lamp bound to the wall. Keep in mind that this setup should be at a good height from the floor and far apart from where your baby can reach.

And if you are not up for a rope setting, use a hose hanger or pipe to secure the floor lamp to the wall. Apparently, this method applies to a floor lamp placed next to the wall and not ones next to your sectional couch.

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Replace Your Lighting Source

This is the last thing we suggest but if you are very concerned about the accidents of a floor lamp or your baby getting injured, give it a go. Replace your floor lamp with a wall sconce.

Wall sconce with a pull chain design gives off subtle light and surety of being safe in your room. It is always hard to reach for your baby so that you can have peace of mind. Once your baby passes his toddler stage, you can shift back to the floor lamps.

How to Keep a Table Lamp from Falling Over?

Use Museum Putty

If you have a table lamp and want to keep it from falling, use museum wax or putty – you name it. These putties are made to keep your table lamps, art pieces, pictures, or posters in place. So, your home always looks neat with a nice silhouette.

Museum putty is a gel compatible with wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and marble. You can take a little piece of this gel and stick it under the base of your table lamp. Give 30 minutes to set it, and your table lamp will be cat and baby-proof.

Fret not, since museum putty doesn’t leave marks or scratch paints. So, you don’t need to worry about a scratched end table or nightstand. However, make sure to buy museum putty with tons of positive responses.

Select Position Wisely

Unfortunately, there is no long list of options to keep the table lamp from falling. One thing you can do is keep the table lamp at the back if it’s on the nightstand. So, it’s difficult for your baby to get his hands on.

Otherwise, your last option would be to shift on a wall scone, as we suggested earlier.


By now, you’d know how to keep lamp from tipping over with naughty pets and kids in the house?

For floor lamps, you can change its position and put it behind a piece of furniture, add weight to the base, tape the additional cord or hide it, glue the base of your floor lamp to the floor, or replace your floor lamp with a wall sconce.

Museum putty is the only way to make your table lamps anti-fall. All you need to do is take its tiny pieces, stick them under the base of your table lamp, and place your table lamp where you want it on the nightstand or end table. However, its best part is that it doesn’t leave marks.

Use one of these methods to make your lamps safe to have around kids and naughty pets.




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