How to Measure a Lamp Shade Accurately?

How to measure a lamp shade? Can’t agree more that you look for the answer to this query when buying a new lampshade. In that case, you’ve reached the right place.

Whether you are renovating your room and want the exact size lampshade or have bought the lamp body and purchasing the shade is still left, this guide will help you.

Read till the end if you want to know what size lampshade you should have for the table and floor lamp.

How to Measure a Lamp Shade Accurately?

There are three sides to a lamp shade: Top, bottom, and slant (sometimes called sides). To have the exact or equivalent size lampshade, follow these steps:

How to Measure a Lamp Shade

  1. Detach lampshade from your lamp and place it on the ground
  2. Take out your measuring tape
  3. Put your measuring tape on the top of the lampshade
  4. Take the reading from one end of the top to another
  5. Note it down for convenience
  6. Next is to put the tape vertically and take the measurement from the side
  7. Forget not to jot this reading down
  8. Lastly, pull up the lampshade, measure its bottom, and note it

It’s all done. Now you have all your readings on the notepad, with the help of which you can find the perfect match shade.

How to Measure a Lampshade for a Table Lamp?

In case you don’t have a lampshade before or don’t care what size the existing one has, this section will help you. Here we will discuss how you can measure a lampshade for your table lamp.

There are two things in particular that you need to keep in view when buying a table lamp shade. That is height and width. Below we have discussed both of them in detail, so you know how things work.

How to Measure a Table Lamp



As a general rule of thumb, the height of your lampshade should be half of the height of your lamp’s height. This height is considered from the base of the lamp to the bottom of the shade – bulb rod is not included in it.

Let’s say a table lamp has a height of 20 inches. The shade you are about to buy should be 10 inches in height. That’s how it will match the vibe of your lamp.


After you are done with the height section, consider the width of your lampshade. Remember that the shades are always wider than the lamp base. It should be double that of your base. If your base is 8 inches wide, have a lampshade with 16 inches diameter.

All in All…

Considering the measurements above, it’s safe to say that a shade should be wide than your lamp base and half the height. And for a 20 inches heightened lamp, the shade should be 10 inches tall, while the 8 inches wide lamp base should have 16 inches lampshade from the bottom.

How to Measure a Lampshade for a Floor Lamp?

Floor lamps are different than table lamps. They are in direct contact with your ground and are placed in multiple nooks of your home. The function and intent of these lamps also differ from table lamps.

Just like that, the measurements of their shade are also distinctive. You’ll consider the height and width for them too, but the result would be fairly different. So, check out this section if you are interested in buying a floor lamp shade.

How to measure a floor lamp


Floor lamps are tall than table lamps. To make a perfect lampshade to sit on them, start by measuring its height. Measure from the base to the bottom of the bulb holder. Note this reading and divide it by 4. The result of this calculation will be the height of your lampshade.

Assuming your floor lamp is 60 inches high. Dividing 60 by 4 turns out 15. That means your shade should be 15 inches to compliment the height of the lamp and its style.


The width or diameter – you name it – of your lampshade should be more than the base of your lamp. Its bottom should pass the base to give the lamp an excellent look. Generally speaking, a lampshade of 18 inches in width is considered ideal for most floor lamps.

All in All…

Keeping in view the above statements, it’s apparent that the lampshade of your floor lamp should be wide than the base and ¼ the height. For a 60 inches lamp, 15 inches tall shade is fair with 18 inches diameter from the bottom.

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What Else Do You Need to Consider to Buy a Lampshade?

You might gain satisfaction by measuring your lampshade, but there’s more to it. When you are buying a lampshade, the types of lampshade also come into play.

Know what material shade you want from fabric, glass, or paper. There is further categorization in fabrics like silk and linen. Linen is most commonly found and used as it allows sufficient light to pass through for better illumination.

There are multiple shapes of lampshades available in the market. You’d come across empire, round, drum, rectangular, square, bell, and a list of other shades. Empire and drum shades are the finest picks for accent lighting.

Along with size, if you’ll consider these, the tones of your room will be lifted. It will be the most peaceful area of the home where you’ll love to sit.


Above we addressed the question: how to measure a lamp shade? To do this, you should measure its side, top, and bottom. Forget not to jot down the readings. If you don’t have a lampshade that you can use for the next buy, keep in check the lamp’s body reading for which you are finding a lampshade.

Hope you find the best lampshade for your lamp now. Comment down if this guide was helpful.


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