How to Position Desk Lamp to Avoid Glares?

Headaches, eye strains, migraines are normal with the incorrect positioning of desk lamp. Knowing how to position desk lamp is that’s why quite necessary.

In this article, we’ll highlight the correct position of a desk lamp. Stay with us till the end to know where your desk lamp should go while reading, skimming papers, and working on the screen with one or two monitors.

How to Position Desk Lamp Correctly?

how to position desk lamp

When Reading

When you read on your desk, place your desk lamp pointing the beams on the pages. That means the lamp should be placed next to your book and coming over the head. It will throw the right amount of light for reading and prevent glares.

Using Computer

The screen of your monitor is already backed with a light, and it doesn’t need additional light. What needs the most light in your computer system is the mouse and keyboard. Position your desk lamp so that it enlightens both of them.

This light will help you manage typing jobs. Not only this, but it will also keep you from shadows on the monitor that a desk lamp at your back will cast.

With Two Monitors

There are a few homes where you’ll find two monitors instead of one. If your home and specifically your work desk are one of them, your desk lamp should come from the middle top of both monitors.

Like the case above, you need the light on the desk for the keyboard and mouse. Two monitors will make no difference here. The light from your desk lamp should align with the area of your keyboard and mouse, coming from overhead.

If you are Right Handed

Light from the desk lamp casts shadow once it isn’t in the right position. The simple logic can cut off these unwanted shadows on your desk and screen. Understand that the “opposite hand rule” will come into play here.

If you are a right-hand person, your desk lamp should stand next to your left hand. In case you’re a left-handed person, the right way is to have the lamp beside your right hand. Along with shadows, you’ll be safe from glares.

When Doing Paperwork

If you attain sore eyes skimming through a stack of papers, higher possibilities are the incorrect position of a desk lamp. Make it correct and place the lamp in such a way that it showers light from overhead.

Mark that it should be below your eye level to prevent eye strain. Worry not since a desk lamp covers around 40-50 square feet. Your entire desk, along with the papers, will come into illumination.

What should be the Height of Your Desk Lamp?

No one could mark the perfect height for your desk lamp. Types of the lamp and the difference between your and the table’s height are the explicit explanation for this. However, the expert suggestion is to maintain a distance of 15 inches between your lamp and the table.

Let’s say you are reading on your desk. The distance between the lamp head and your book should be 15 inches. This way, your eyes will be far apart from aches and sore.

Remember here that the idea is to keep the light out of your sight. That said, the head of the lamp should be below your eye level but above your head.

What to Look for When Buying a Desk Lamp?

Type of Desk Lamp

To get the desired angle for lighting, you should have the best desk lamp for eyes. Try to put your hands on the swing arm or gooseneck desk lamp. The head and neck of these lamps are adjustable. So, you can simply adjust their angle without having to change their position.

If your desk is short on space, though, have a clamp lamp. Look for adjustability options in your clamp desk lamp. Check if its clamp is wide enough to hold onto your desk and its mouth is rubberized to keep your furniture from undesired dents.

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Brightness Adjustability

One important consideration when buying a lamp is brightness. Pick a desk lamp with brightness adjustability. In the daylight, you can work under low or dim brightness.

At night or if the dark corner of your room has your desk will best compensate for a bright lamp. Rearranging the brightness keeps you from headaches and tired eyes since the lighting needs are balanced.

Light Color

Two colors of lights are available in desk lamps. First is the white while the other is warm. Warm color lights usually have a temperature of 1000k-3000k and are used to keep you from migraines.

White color lamp lights are best for doing paperwork. You can also sit under white light for sewing and doing needlework since these work demand a number of threads to be used. The temperature of white light is 4000k-6000k.


How to position a desk lamp correctly is the most raved question out there. It is best to position the desk lamp next to your object – be it books, papers, or the computer screen. The light should come from overhead while not getting into your eyes.

Along with that, stay certain of the type of lamp you are buying. Try to have a lamp with brightness adjustability. Gooseneck and swing arm lamps are the best candidate in that regard.

Why do you use your desk for – reading or using a screen?


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