How to Use Table Lamp for Study?

A peaceful room and a nice ambiance invite sleep. What about the nights before exams when you need to pack your head with the syllabus complete, though? See, a table lamp can be helpful so today we’ll answer how to use a table lamp for study.

Focused lighting like the one coming from your table lamp help you concentrate. It holds your attention on the topic and becomes a pathway to good grades. Studying for hours without knowing how to use lamp can cause strains, remember.

Read this article till the end to avoid eyes strain and study for long hours.

How to Use Table Lamp for Study?

How to use table lamp for study

Balanced Light Color

There are table lamps that come with a brightness adjustment. When you see them, understand that these are the right candidates to read under. It’s very necessary that you read under focused yet balanced lighting.

The right color of light signifies our brain to memorize and process thoughts. Like the offices used to have white lights to maintain an active surrounding. When you study under a table lamp at night, a warm color light is required.

2700k to 6000k is considered as the warm temperature light. It is subtle, keeps your eyes from glare, and sets the perfect studying environment. However, you would not be studying at night all the time, so a brightness-adjustable lamp is a plus here.

Install a dimmer if your lamp doesn’t have brightness adjustability. While if you haven’t bought your desk lamp yet, check out our picked best desk lamp for eyes.

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One of the best features of table lamps is their adjustability. Both gooseneck and swing arm lamp allows you to adjust their angles. Their neck is easy to move, aligning with your lighting needs.

Whatever type of these lamps you consist of, move their neck. The light should be coming from your head but make sure it reaches your books straight. It will illuminate the space where you want to light the most, leaving the distracting area dark.

Appropriate Position

Do you know how to position your desk lamp? Well, it’s pretty important since the right position can do wonders. A lamp in the correct position keeps you from strains, help you maintain focus, and lets you study for long hours to come.

One position doesn’t fit every situation, though. Your table lamp should be stationed next to your left hand; if you are right-handed, let’s say. Glares stay apart from this way, and so do the shadows. Shadows can also distract, remember.

The right position also matters when using a computer. Light from a table lamp should not be directed to the screen as it is lit already. What requires light is your keyboard and mouse to help you manage typing chores. Place it next to the screen where the light reaches the keyboard and mouse from over the head.

Keeping a distance between the subject and the light of 15 inches is beneficial. However, the light should come from above the head while below your sight.

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Type of Bulb

If you haven’t bought your table lamp till now, make sure to have one LED bulb compatible. Lamps with LED bulbs are the best due to several reasons. Chances of strains are less with these bulbs, and they don’t break your bank by maximum bills.

Another reason that has earned LED bulbs value is their lifetime. These bulbs promise to live for 25,000 to 50,000 hours which makes up to 10 years of daily use. On the contrary, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are not easy on the pockets.

Choosing the right type of bulb does make a difference with your experience of studying. It will help you create an atmosphere appropriate for studying.

Bulb Wattage

Every nook of your home and chore requires a different wattage of the bulb. Consider kitchen, for instance. It requires a large amount of lighting as compared to bedrooms. The amount of light is directly proportional to the bulb wattage.

Depending on the type of task you are performing on the desk, you will need a specific bulb wattage. If you are a student and study late at night, a 40-60 watts bulb is what you need.

Just like that, if you not only skim through the pages of the book and study online, buy a 60 watts bulb. Note that for books with very small font, you might require a bulb of 60-80 wattage.

Pay attention to what type of work you are performing on your desk. Decide then the bulb wattage to keep your eyes from fatigue.


How to use table lamp for study is the most raved question. The first thing is to look if your table lamp is brightness adjustable. Great if yes, and install a dimmer if it’s not. After that, be sure to correct the angle and position of your desk lamp.

Attention should be paid to bulb wattage and the type of bulb you are using. Better is to use an LED bulb with a wattage appropriate for your chores and supplies on the desk.


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