Lamp VS Lantern | 7 Key Pointers You Never Notice

Lamp VS lantern, you might find the definition to both of them, but there are no outlined differences present. However, today you’ll get a precise answer to this as we have divided the entire topic into multiple sub-sections for better understanding.

Stay with us till the end if you want to decide which one you should buy and when.

Lamp VS Lantern | 7 Key Differences

Lamp VS Lantern


A lantern differs from a lamp in looks. It is a cage that encloses the lighting sources and has transparent or translucent glass around it. Given this shape, the purpose of the lantern is to protect the surrounding from fire hazards.

On the contrary, a lamp is a statement piece at homes most probably used as décor. It is kept to arrest the eyes of onlookers and lift the room’s tones. You’ll find it in different colors to blend in well.

While the color choices of both lanterns and lamps are directly proportional to the type, you are buying. Let’s say you want to have one for décor; there’ll be a large spectrum of colors. Like that, a camping lantern is found in black or red colors.


In primary categorization, there are two types of lanterns and lamps. That is decoration and task. Decorative lanterns are used for décor outside the home at the front way door or in the festivals.

People used to hang these lanterns to add dramatic effects or flame them leaving into the sky to illuminate the horizons. You’ll also find them floating in the water on a few days of the year.

Whereas the lamps are inside the home. You can lift your home‘s spirit through it or read, keeping it nearby. Despite the type of lamp, they add a nice texture to the theme of your home.

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The size of the lamp differs with its type. Floor lamps have a different size than table lamps. One thing’s for sure, though, that they are bigger in size than the lanterns.

Speaking of décor lanterns, they are a bit huge than task lanterns but still take spaces less than a floor lamp. It’s one of their pluses due to which you can easily move here and there along with them.


Apparently, handy or task lanterns are made for camping sites. They are a source of light when you are far apart from home. With them being around, you can read a book, cook food, or go to the washroom when the sun has gone down.

Décor lantern serves the purpose of embracing new yet cherishing effects. They bring in the lost spirit in the festivals and help you feel special on occasions. Lighting mood and giving you a new hope is also what they do when flying in the sky.

One lamp can serve both tasking and decoration functions in a few instances. You can read through the lamp’s light and still use them as a décor piece in your living room. For ambient and accent lighting, they are a must-have.

Light Color

The adventure lantern will always shower white light on the campsite. It is made with a color temperature of 4000k to 6000k to bring things in your visibility and help you identify the colors.

In decorative lanterns, the case is a bit different. Since you flame the décor lanterns and they have a colorful appearance, the light coming out of them is bright yet orange. The amalgam of the lantern’s color and flame make the color change.

The light color of the lamp is measured on a temperature scale from 1000k to 6000k. You have the variety to select the color along with the type of lamp. Usually, the temperature of 4000k to 6000k is suggested for tasking as the color of this light is white.

For setting the mood to having a diffused light in the room, lamps having a 1000k to 3000k temperature are recommended. These temperatures are warm, creating a soothing atmosphere around.


Lanterns are more portable than lamps, and that’s for sure. Below is the analysis of what makes lanterns easy to carry.

  • When stepping outside, your priority is to have a compact product. And, if you consider the size of the lamp, it’s large and not easy to displace. Along with that, they are heavy enough, which is good when they are at home while a hassle to deal with adventures.
  • Sometimes, the lanterns are blown with the fire. On others, they are battery-operated so that you can pack them in your bag for easy transportation. Mostly, lamps are operated through the AC outlet, which is difficult to approach while traveling. However, if you find a battery-powered lamp with a small footprint, you can also carry it.
  • The base of the lamp demands a smooth floor to sit on. While it’s all available in-home, possibilities are rare that you’ll find it on an adventure. On the other hand, lanterns are made to adjust as they can sit on a non-smooth surface and hang through the hooks plugged.

Light Intensity and Reach

What’s common in lanterns and lamp is the intensity of light. When consisting of glass shade, both task lamps and lanterns allow a sufficient amount of light to pass through. Lanterns give you the freedom to cook and eat outside, while lamps allow you to read and do needlework at home with ease.

Types of the lamp, bulb, shaded or non-shaded, decide how far the lamp light will travel. The same goes for the lantern. If they are made for adventure, they will be diffused and spread through large distances while giving a beautiful glow when made for décor.


Lamp VS lantern is a huge debate. It can be further categorized and elaborated when discussing a specific kind of both. Appearance, sizes, types, functionality, portability, light intensity, and reach are its primary differences.

You can use a lamp inside your home while lanterns outside. Lamps have the finest built, compel onlookers and spirit up the rooms. However, if you are stepping out for adventures, lanterns are the perfect option for their portability.

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