Best Floor Lamps for Carpet Flooring

Best Floor Lamps for Carpet

With exclusive comfort and style, carpeted floors make your home look luxurious. But what about further layering and décor you plan to put on this carpet? Like a floor lamp. You’d certainly have heard that floor lamp tip over the carpet, and we’d agree. Not every floor lamp stands tall on the carpet, and that’s … Read more

Best Outdoor Table Lamps for Porch & Patio

Best Outdoor Table Lamps

Porch and patios are the best places to make memories with your partner or host a weekend family party. But, the right amount of light is every time required to spirit up the moments. And the best outdoor table lamps are the perfect way to do it. In the market packed with table lamps, it … Read more

How to Keep Lamp from Tipping Over?

How to Keep Lamp from Tipping Over

Once your baby starts crawling or you bring home a naughty pet, the probability of a floor lamp tipping over and a table lamp falling multiplies. The little beings are always curious and want to go into the details, you know. But how to keep lamp from tipping over even if your baby tries? Don’t … Read more

Can You Have Two Floor Lamps in One Room?

Can You Have Two Floor Lamps in One Room

One thing that you pay no attention to when remodeling the home is the floor lamp. It’s when you sit to order one; your head asks a question: “can you have two floor lamps in one room?” Now, the scenario is that your head pops a living room pin from Pinterest with two floor lamps. … Read more

Floor Lamp VS Ceiling Light – Which One to Pick

Floor Lamp VS Ceiling Light

If you are living in the USA, floor lamp vs. ceiling light curiosity might have crossed your mind. We mean, most American rooms don’t have overhead lighting. A few houses don’t have a pre-built ceiling fixture, in fact. So, debating on buying a floor lamp or ceiling light when remodeling or shifting to a new … Read more

What to Put under a Table Lamp to Make it Taller

What to Put under a Table Lamp to Make it Taller

After buying a small table lamp that exposes the bulb, when you stand near the table, you realize, oh, my table lamp is short! And the first question you have is, “what to put under a table lamp to make it taller?” Now, you don’t have to worry about raising your lamp’s height as we … Read more