Types of Lampshades You Should Know Before Buying One

Missing teeny tiny details in the interiors knock the spirit out of your piece. Just like passing over the types of lampshades. Lampshades have diversified categories on the basis of material, shape, and style.

We are about to analyze each of them today. Let’s get through this comprehensive guide to have the type of lampshade that will suit your backdrop.

In-Depth Analysis of Types of Lampshades

For your room to look exactly what you’ve imagined, you should know about the types of lampshades. People mostly give up on this topic and end up ruining their settings. But not you! You are about to get the most ready-to-eat meal today.

Types of Lampshades

1. Shape

Shapes are the key feature of making your lamp look just right and appealing. It provides a new dimension to your lamp and elevates its charm like nothing else.

There are no certain rules that keep you bound to the ground about lampshades. You can pair any of the shades with your lamp. One tip is to top the lamp with the same shape of lampshade as the base. It looks classy this way.

Empire Lampshade

The nature of the empire shade is versatile. Blending with most of the lamps existing out there, it creates the look for your lamp it never had. From the top, this shade is rounded, followed by a slope widing the bottom.

Bell Lampshade

A bell shade has more of a traditional look. It amalgams really well with the classy interiors and uplifts their tone. They appear spherical from the top while wide, from the bottom, and a slight curve horizontally.

Drum Lampshade

Radiating rich light is the specialty of drum shades. Having the same diameter of the top as the bottom, this shade gives off the light that brightens the room. Having said that, you can, hands down to it, if you are a bookworm.

Oval Lampshade

As the name implies, oval shades are exactly alike to the oval shape we recognize. Being narrower than lengthy, you can implant them on tight spaces, probably your entryways. Their size makes no difference to their style. They are equally captivating.

Square Lampshade

Most people take square lampshades into play with the square bases. In their opinion, it appears more elegant. However, there is no such deal. You can try funkiness and pair it with the rounded or rectangular-based lamp too.

Rectangle Lampshade

Whenever you see flat sides with two sides long and two short, understand that it’s a rectangular lampshade. These shades provide an accent to the modern settings and even the ambiance with their presence.

Other than these, we still have multiple shapes of lampshades. Rounded, coolie, pagoda, and hexagon are a few instances. Take note; you can top any lamp with your preferred shaped lampshade. This was to give you an idea about what can look fascinating where.

2. Material

Getting the wrong material lampshade means that you are inviting nuisance, along with the dull looks. Material of your lamp expresses whether your corner will gloom or bloom. So, why not give it a peek and have a careful check.


Romanticism step in your room with the fabric shades. You’ll have to have one of your kind, however, if you want to create a cozy atmosphere. Best to have these shades is when you want a warm and bright light.

Not only are fabric lampshades popular for having warmth in their profile, but for their handy cleaning. Existing in different types of clothes, you get a range to select from these. Well, let’s look at what’s the best for your situation.

Satin/Silk Lampshades

Of course, the satin and silk lampshades have a sleek body. Multiplying the beauty of your lamp, they get your room the look you never expect of. You can clean them with a simple Microfiber cloth just like the other fabric lampshades.

Cotton Lampshade

As the most popular lampshades in fabrics, cotton lampshades bring your room a definite look. Don’t worry; if your place encounters debris, you can still have it. It is easy to clean and wipe.

Linen Lampshade

Buying a linen lampshade is equivalent to paying for durability. Although lightweight, these shades are extremely resistant to heat and moisture. Fair enough to say that it uplifts conventional setups and shower good enough light.

Pro-tip: To prevent any accidents with the fabric lampshades, use them with LED or fluorescent bulbs. Halogen and incandescent bulbs can be a fire threat to have it on top.

Paper Lampshade

Paper lampshades will always inspire artistic heads. As these shades are quite touchy, dreamy, and beautiful, they entertain every eye peeking at it. Creativity, uniqueness, and a bold statement are all paper lampshades add to your room.

You can also handcraft it if you prefer your handmade items to be placed in your room. Kraft or parchment paper are the ones used for the purpose. Just as they cost you less, they are also thin and demands careful handling while cleaning.

Glass Lampshade

Previously, glass lampshades were applied to LED lamps or lanterns. On this date, they are emerging as the new talent for lamps. Being transparent, they illuminate sharp light, pretty much for reading and other tasks.

The royalty factor gets prominent with this lampshade. While its cleanliness is easy, its maintenance isn’t – especially if you have naughty pets or kids at home. Approaching these shades, kids can make serious damage to the settings or probably themselves.

Metal Lampshade

Unlike the other material of lampshades, metals have a different identity. Task or special chores are good ways to use them for. Giving off light in one direction, it gets you more visibility and attention your job requires.

Mostly, metal lampshades are given a thought for modern settings. Compared to the cleanliness of others, they don’t really invite chaos. Other good reasons to have it are durability, strong texture, and resistance against bulb heat.

3. Style

While people take the matter of style of lampshade too lightly, it’s something of huge importance. The type of style decides whether or not your lamp will cast attention. So, let’s look at what style of lampshades you can come across.

Plain Lampshade

In most cases, a plain shade means a white or an off-white lampshade with a soft glow. Most plain lampshades are designed to provide your room the softness that it lacked previously. These shades give off more light than other styled lampshades.

Stripes Lampshade

If you have modern or contemporary settings, you can’t go wrong placing a stripe lampshade on your lamp. Providing a formal profile to the area is its specialty. Take note; these lampshades range from simple to vibrant.

Motives/Floral Lampshade

Motifs lampshades have a perfect theme it works upon. That means far or more; you’ll see that the designs are recurrent. Floral lampshades, on the contrary, serve the best with a single-colored wall.

Pattern Lampshade

Depiction of a theme comes with a patterned lampshade. These types of lampshades can be funky as well. What you can’t expect from their presence is rich light. Seizing bright rays with their color and blending them, they radiate quite low light.

4. Fitters

When done with the style, material, and shape, we thought to add one more type of lampshade, i.e., fitters. So, here we have a type of lampshade fitters explained. Not to mention, fitters help the shade to sit appropriately on the head of the lamp.

Spider Lampshade

A large audience has the question, what is a spider lampshade. To them, the answer is that it is a lampshade that sits on your lamp’s harp. It has three metal arms linked together with a round disc in the middle.

Most floor and table lamps come with this lampshade. Easy to fix, they ask you to make them sit on the harp and fit through the finial. Spider lampshades are the most common to have.

Uno Lampshade

Somewhat appearance of the Uno lampshade is similar to a spider. That is in such a way that it also consists of a metal disc in the center with three arms, however dispersing downwards. What makes it different is the method the shade clings.

It slips in through the socket of your lamp and sits in there. This way changing the bulb also gets easier once your former one gets out of order. Versatility in this shade’s nature gets it huge importance.

Clip-On Lampshade

Not on the harp and not even falling into the socket station, clip-on lampshades overlaps the bulb and fastens to it, appearing as the cover of your bulb. All through its metal wire design. By the way, this is a rarely used lampshade.

How Can You Choose the Best Type of Lampshade?

For selecting the best type of lampshade, give yourself a moment of observation. Know what type of setting you want to have: contemporary, modern, or traditional. Concluding your thoughts, give this section a read. You’ll pick the correct shade for sure after this.

Pick the Right Shape

After a subtle idea of your desires, go through the types of lampshades and start from the shape. Choose according to your lamp base’s shape from drum, oval, round, collie, and empire.

Picking up the same shape shade does satisfy the look. However, if you don’t want it, choose any of your kind. Rest assured, it isn’t going to harm the ambiance. A drum shade blends well with the square base lamp, for instance.

Know about the Best Material

After getting decided on the shape of the lampshade, look for the material. Silk looks extremely gorgeous and royal, while cotton and linen are common, durable, and easy to clean. You can opt for any of these. Make sure to pair it up with a non-harmful type of bulb, though.

Paper lampshades do look creative and funky. They may demand you to change them periodically and give up on their look within some time which is two of its downsides. Glass lampshades are somewhat rare but have them only if you place your lamp would sit apart from your naughty pet.

Underestimating the metal lampshades would be wrong anyway. They are that beauty you’ll find hard. So, if you want light for reading, a metal lampshade and fabric lampshade will just get you that.

Finest Style for Your Lampshade

Out there is a large category of lampshade’s style. Some people prefer plain over floral, and others stripes over pattern. All you can select from them is with the understanding of your purpose of having a lamp and lampshade. Keeping in mind your setting can also help you make the final verdict.

Fitting of Your Lampshade

In three fitting lampshades, the most raved is spider lampshades. It comes with several lamps and is the go-to option for most people out there. No doubt, Uno lampshade is also a nice and versatile option. Each of the three fitters has its pros and cons. Get one that you feel is convenient.

Final Thoughts

Buying a lampshade without perfect know-how may be easy but not right. You get to realize this over time, and we know how it feels then. That’s is why we dug our hands on the subjects of types of lampshades and carried out exact information; you’d need to make an informed decision.

Hope this was all helpful and you are happy with our carry out. If you just said yes, say it in the comment section.

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