What Size Lamp for Entryway Table You Should Have?

What size lamp for entryway table should I have? Right after placing your console table in the entryway, the question pops up. And that’s when you are concerned about buying a lamp for the entrance.

Today, you’ll have a clear and concise answer to this, so read till the end. Now, let’s not delay moving forward and solving this mystery.

What Size Lamp for Entryway Table You Should Have?

Task or illuminating ambiance are the two primary reasons behind placing the lamp in the entryway. The right size of this lamp plays an important role, though. When buying an entryway table lamp, keep in mind width and height.

1. Height

Whenever you are buying a lamp for an entryway table, start by measuring the height of your table. Note the reading after measuring this height. Make an estimation and know that the height of your lamp should be equal to or equivalent to the table’s height.

Finding a lamp of the same height as the table is sometimes difficult. In that regard, pick a lamp with a few inches more or less.

For Example

Let’s say the console table in your entryway measures 30 inches. The lamp you are about to buy should also be 30 inches. If you cannot find one of the same height, have one in the range of 28-32 inches.

The rule of thumb here is that the combined height of your lamp and entryway table should be in the range of 58 to 64 inches. Staying in this range, you’ll prevent crowding, and ultimately the lamp will be the focal point.

2. Width

For the width of the lamp on your entryway table, you need to take note of the tabletop of the entryway. Place your measuring scale on the top of the entryway table. Note the width of this table.

Keep in mind that the lamp you are about to buy should have a width less than that. This width is regarded as the bottom of the lampshade and not the base. That said, you should check the dimensions of the lampshade when buying the console table.

For Example

The average entryway table has a width of 10 to 18 inches. For an estimation, let’s say the width of your table is 17 inches. Then, the width of your lamp should not be more than 17 inches.

It could be 14, 15, or 16 inches but not more. A wide lamp on a narrow table makes the area looks packed and breaks the beauty of the place. Remember here, the width here is considered for the bottom of the lampshade.

Summing Up…

Height and width are the two factors you need to keep in view to have the right size lamp for your entryway table. The height of your lamp should be equivalent to the console table. While the width of the lampshade’s bottom needs to be smaller than the table’s width.

Do You Need One or Two Lamps for Console Table?

There is no fixed rule if you can place one or two lamps on your console table. Everyone has their choices, demand, and reason in this scenario.

You Can Place One Lamp If…

One lamp is mostly placed on the console if the table is narrow enough. Small tables don’t give you the freedom to place two lamps. Doing so only overwhelms the table and area, and you never want it.

Another good reason why folks out there are fond of one lamp at a time on the console table is the choice. They prefer adding sculptures, vases, books, and boxes rather than two lamps. By placing one lamp, they reserve the space for these add-ons.

You’ll also find one lamp on the console tables of people that love ambient lighting. They put on one lamp to add a bit of style and a little light. The focus of these folks is on adding dramatic effects and not carrying out tasks through the lamp’s light.

You Can Place Two Lamps If…

two lamps on a console table

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With a large console table, two lamps are always required. Let’s say an entryway table is 64 inches long. Tables of this length look stunning with two lamps’ placement, an oversized mirror behind, and a sculpture in between.

If you are short on lighting in the entryway, you should place two lamps. The light of these two lamps will spirit up the entire space and feed in the required lighting.

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Lamps for Narrow Console Table

Since it’s a bit of a hassle to find lamps for a narrow console table, we have positioned a few options here. These are extremely gorgeous and reveal the visitors your persona with their exquisite appearance once they step in. Check them out.

Amazon Brand Cut-Out Table Lamp

Lavish Home Table Lamps Set of 2 

Signature Design by Ashley Linus Ceramic Table Lamp

Factors to Consider When Buying an Entryway Table Lamp

Remember that not only the perfect size makes an entryway table a bold statement. Other factors also contribute to making it a functional and stylish table lamp. So, make sure to check them out below.


It’s imperative to have your lamp’s color align with your décor. Go for a modern console table lamp for modern and contemporary settings. In contrast, a nautical lamp is best for coastal themes to match the vibe and the entryway’s décor.

Light Color

There are different light colors or bulbs – you name it – for entryways. Decide the purpose you want a table lamp for and pick a light bulb of a particular temperature.

A light color of 3000k creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, while one having 4000-5000k has white color. This white color is fruitful to make the surroundings focused and is usually used for tasks.


Very rarely does someone mentions it, but a pair of lamps generally cost you less than a single lamp. Search in the market, and you’d find a pair coming at $150 while a single lamp is $100.

So, know your range and the need for the number of lamps for the console table, and the advantage of saving bucks before you buy one.




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