What Size Lampshade Is Perfect For Your Lamp?

Many of us, when get into the maze of what size lampshade I want, never come out. Do you know why? Because we are unaware of the perfect way to measure a lampshade.

If that’s ever happened to you, forget about it. Look ahead to what the future hold for you that means us. Today we have a hassle-free method that will tell you the simplest way a lampshade measuring can be done.

So, let’s have a sneak peek at the method.

What Size Lampshade You Should have?

Having the perfect lampshade is no rocket science. Whether you are trying to figure out what size lampshade do I need for a floor lamp or your question is about table lamp, the technique is the same.

To measure any lamp base, follow these steps:

  • Take out the measuring tape you have at home
  • Face the lamp towards you. We’ll measure only one side of the lamp base
  • Place the 0 of your measuring tape on one edge of the base
  • Straighten the tape and take the reading
  • Note it down for estimation
  • Now, place the tape against the stem
  • Measure it from top to bottom, including the harp and bulb
  • Note that too

What Size Lampshade

For an estimation, multiply your lamp base’s measurement by two. The answer will be the wideness of your lampshade. Determination of height will be through division. Divide the total height of the lampshade into three and understand that the resulted inches are the best for your lampshade.

Let’s show you that practically. For instance:

The measured wideness of your lampshade = 14 inches. So, 14 x 2 = 28 inches

The measured height of your lampshade = 34 inches. So, 34/3 = 11.33 inches

Now, you should have a lampshade of 28 inches in width and a height of 11.33 inches.

One tip is not to have a cumbersome lampshade in a packed area. Similarly, placing a fatty lampshade on a slim stem lamp will also not get you the look you desire.

Your lampshade not only looks gorgeous with the correct measurement but with the perfect shape. Keep that too in view while buying a lampshade. With that said, if you have a square base lamp, the best lampshade it could have is square.

There is nothing like rules for this. This is a general opinion. People do pair a square base with the round shade, and that equally gives the feel and looks stunning.


In this guide of what size lampshade is ideal for you, we tried to elaborate things in the simplest method. Even we pinned a few instances, so you know how to deal with the process. Now, it’s time for you to perform some real action.

Remember, we are all here. If you still have any queries regarding your lampshade, get back to us. We’ll surely come up with a subtle answer.

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