What to Put under a Table Lamp to Make it Taller

After buying a small table lamp that exposes the bulb, when you stand near the table, you realize, oh, my table lamp is short!

And the first question you have is, “what to put under a table lamp to make it taller?”

Now, you don’t have to worry about raising your lamp’s height as we have mentioned below 3 props that can come in handy for raising the height.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What to Put under a Table Lamp to Make it Taller?

What to Put under a Table Lamp to Make it Taller

Stack of Books

A stack of books is the first option if you don’t want to spend extra bucks to make your lamp look taller.

Perhaps, you already have books on the shelves. All you have to do is put them under your table lamp.

Though, two things should be kept in mind when placing your books under the table lamp.

First, you should position the books that go well with your lamp’s tones.

And, the next thing is that you should have read those specific books.

Removing them recurrently from under the table lamp could be a hassle if you’d want to read them.


A lamp riser is one common option to lift a table lamp’s height.

It helps you achieve a raised table lamp without compromising on your décor.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular out there.

With them under your lamp, the table lamp gets a bold appearance.

In fact, they are very much needed if you have small lamps under high ceilings.

Tall lamps look beautiful under tall ceilings.

Since all the risers are not created equal, we have listed three options you can go for.

  1. Oriental Furniture Rosewood Square Base Stand
  2. Howard Elliott Square Mirrored Display Platform Riser
  3. Creative Co-Op Rectangle Wood Pedestal

These risers are made to fit multiple decors and lift your lamp’s appearance.


If you have a spare vase at home, it can work as your lamp pedestal stand.

Move it upside down and place your lamp on it.

However, the mouth of the vase should be wide to assure stability.

In case you don’t have one, here are a few options that we find cheap and suitable to make a lamp taller.

You can check them out and give your table lamp a raised height.

  1. Amazon Brand Vase
  2. Stonebriar SB-5076C
  3. Creative Co-Op DA1092

What Should You Avoid Putting Under Lamp?

Now, you know what to put under your lamp to make it taller.

However, you should also keep in mind the materials and items you have to refrain from placing under the lamp.

There are two things that you should try not to put under the table lamp.

The first thing is the plastic material. Since plastic melts with excessive heat and the table lamp get a little warmer, it’s better to avoid placing it.

Hard materials are also what can harm your lamp and furniture.

When you place them under the lamp and move it aside to shed the dust off, they can scratch your furniture.

Better be careful and avoid placing these under your table lamp.

Factors to Look For When Putting Prop Under Table Lamp

No one tells you, but it’s important to consider the factors when placing a prop under a table lamp. Let’s get ahead with it.

Lamp’s Inspection

Inspect your table lamp.

What color does it has and the décor you have got it for?

A close look at your lamp gives a sound idea of the item you can place under it.

Not only this, but it also helps you pick the right pattern for your needs.

So, your table lamp looks amazing with the new height.

Space Available

Besides inspecting your lamp, you also need to rest assured of the space available.

Here we are talking about the room on the console or end tabletop.

If you have a large space, opt for a medium-sized prop to place under your table lamp.

On the contrary, if your tabletop is small, don’t pack it with a large prop.

This will only make your table cumbersome, and you don’t want it.


By now, you’d know what to put under a table lamp to make it taller?

You can use the spare stack of books available at home.

If not, you have the option to put a vase with the top upside down.

Besides that, a lamp riser can also make your table lamp look taller and add a nice touch to the ambiance.

So, if you have picked your prop, just place it under your lamp and tie the appearance of your table.



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