Where to Put Floor lamp in Living Room? 7 Sweet Spots

Where to put floor lamp in living room? Obvious questions like this usually arrest your head. Why not? It’s about your living room where you’ll be having guests and spending the majority of hours of the day.

Today, you’ll know the 7 best spots in the living room you might not know how to utilize for floor lamps. So, stay with us till the end and go through the pro-tips below to avoid nuisance.

Where to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room?

Where to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room?

Beside or Behind the Sofa

Floor lamps are generally found behind or beside the sofa. It’s a very obvious space and doesn’t require you to manage a lot with your coffee tables, shelves, and recliner. Place floor lamp beside the sofa for holding the sight of the guests.

When floor lamps are put adjacent to the sofa, they mark their presence in your visitors’ eyes. So, if you are picking this spot, you have the responsibility to choose a floor lamp with diffused light.

Mostly, the floor lamp is thrown behind the sofa for showering light from overhead. It creates focus lighting, and arc floor lamps are used here. The branch of this lamp is suspended over the sectional couch, allowing you to do a lot from reading to enjoy ambient lighting.

Between Two Chairs

If your living room set includes two chairs, there you have the right spot for your floor lamp. Instead of a table, place a lamp between both of them. So, whenever you sit there, a good amount of light is available for you to read without having strain.

In front of an Artwork

Play two in one shot by positioning a floor lamp in front of an artwork. Artworks like Mughal love and paintings sometimes get lost in this crowded room of your home. Floor lamps are an ideal option to illuminate them along with the area.

When the floor lamps are present in front of the artwork, they draw attention. That’s how the overall dramatic effects in your room reach the next level and appeal ultimately.

Against the Wall

With children and naughty pets in the home, floor lamps in the midway of the living room are a big risk. Still, the balance of the lighting in the room is essential, and its floor lamp that can do it.

In that case, put your floor lamp against the wall. One good reason for granting floor lamp space against the wall is diffused lighting. Torchiere floor lamps, when placed with the wall, generate soft lighting illuminating the entire room.

Floor Lamp Next to TV

Do you think placing floor lamps next to TV is not a good idea? Give your thinking another shot. While floor lamps opposite the TV cast a shadow on the screen, being next to it, they prevent your eyes from glares and unwanted strains.

The key here is to have a shaded floor lamp like traditional ones. If that’s not your style, you can also go with a torchiere floor lamp. Here you have to make sure the floor lamp has soft light and contrast with your TV’s lighting and brightness.

By the Window

There’s no reason why you can’t place a floor lamp by the window. It’s, of course, one of the best spots to enlighten the room. Folks place floor lamps there to compensate for the daylighting in the night that comes from their large windows.

By the window, your floor lamp is out of the pathway. Chances of toppling over are very few, so they are safe there. Create an amalgam of ambient and accent lighting by placing a floor lamp next to the window.

Floor lamp Next to Fireplace

You might feel it ordinary, but your guests will know a floor lamp is in the room when it is next to the fireplace. Positioning lamp there means you are navigating the sights to your luxurious floor lamps.

It’s one of the best spaces where the floor lamp turns out even more valuable.

3 Pro Tips When Placing Floor Lamp in Living Room

Everything has its ins and outs, and the same goes for the position selection for floor lamps. There are 3 pro-tips you should be aware of when planning to introduce a floor lamp in your living room. So, let’s know what they are:

Know the Purpose of Your Floor Lamp

What comes to your mind when you say “LIVING ROOM?” Is it hanging out with friends, reading a book every day, or watching movies? Know what you do the most in your living room to understand better the need for lighting and, ultimately, the floor lamp’s position.

Types of floor lamps play a role here. Choose a task lamp with their faces down for reading, or place the arc lamp beside or behind the couch. Go for torchiere floor lamps for ambient lighting and traditional floor lamp for putting them near or next to the TV.

Let the Cord Stay Out of Your Route

Imagine your guest stepping into the living room, getting caught by the floor lamp’s cord, and suddenly there’s an accident. It will surely put you in an embarrassing situation and let the guest think of you as having a low sense of humor.

Better, in this case, is to put the lamp and its cord out of your route. Accidents can occur with your kiddo as well. So, make sure you have a clear pathway to take a walk in and out of the room.

Heavyweight Lamps Should Be Your Priority

To prevent accidents of lamps toppling over, prioritize having a heavyweight lamp. Because there’s a chance that you can strike it over while cleaning. Or else, a little movement around can get it to wobble.


Where to put floor lamp in living room? We are sure that you’ve got your answer now. Multiple spots in the living room welcome a floor lamp. Behind or behind the couch, between two chairs, next to the wall are the most common spots, though.

When deciding on a position, you should also take care of a few pointers: cord, type of lighting and floor lamp, and lamp weight, for instance.

So, which spot have you decided to keep your lamp in the living room? Comment down and let us know.



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