Why is My Salt Lamp Leaking Water?

Congratulation, as your salt lamp is leaking. Thinking have I gone mad or what? No, this is a piece of good news since the leaking salt lamp is absolutely normal, and you have got the genuine piece.

Why is my salt lamp leaking water? Along with this, today, we are here to let you know how you can prevent one from tearing a lot. Read till the end to learn how to stop one from leaking because leaking is normal but over leaking is not…

Can I Use My Salt Lamp If It’s Wet?

Understand that when your salt lamp is wet, it is unsafe. Putting the plug back into the outlet to get it started is a kind of risk. Remember always that there’s a cord coming from its body with its other end connected to your outlet.

Leaking of water from your salt lamp on this cord could result disastrously. Salt is a crystallized mineral until it’s in its real shape. No more, it is a crystal once it leaks. It becomes more conductive of electricity once it comes in contact with water.

Make sure you dry out your salt lamp before it creates a huge mess. To dry it, you can use a microfiber cloth and wipe it off. A dry cloth absorbs the leaking water and allows you to turn it on again.

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How to Stop My Salt Lamp Leaking?

Salt lamp leaking dangers are there, but there’s nothing to worry about. There are a few steps where you lack, which leads a salt lamp to leak, and sometimes over leaking.

Below we have mentioned the five working tips implementing which you can get rid of leakage of a salt lamp.

why is my salt lamp leaking

Avoid Wet Places

Salt lamp follows the cycle of absorbing moisture and containments and releasing them into the air. That is how it starts leaking water. There are a lot of places in your home where the moisture level is high than others.

The bathroom, kitchen, and laundry rooms are the three specific areas in the high moisture places. If you place a salt lamp in these areas, there’s a higher possibility that your salt lamp will start leaking.

salt lamp in bathroom

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Make sure to avoid these areas and keep your salt lamp in a dry space. It’s also suggestible to put it apart from the windows and open spaces since the moisture content is high there too.

Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a device that helps you maintain the moisture level. With a salt lamp leaking around, a dehumidifier is a smart option. Keep it turned on in the room or area a salt lamp is placed.

Dehumidifier for leaking salt lamp

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This way, whenever your salt lamp starts leaking water, the dehumidifier will trap it and prevent over leaking. Ultimately, the atmosphere of your room will stay balanced.

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Get the Lamp Turned On For Long

One of the best methods to avoid your salt lamp from leaking is getting it turned on for 24 hours a day. Yes, it works. Minimum leakage and low corrosion will occur as the lamp attains a high temperature.

In a few scenarios, when it’s not possible to turn it on for 24 hours, power it on for 16 hours. It is the least number of hours you should plug the salt lamp and turn it on to prevent a large number of leakages.

Put a Plastic Bag On

Leaving anything turned on in the outlet when you are not home is not suggestible. No matter if it’s a lamp or a hair straightener. In that regard, you can put on a plastic bag on the face of your salt lamp.

A plastic bag will make sure to keep the salt lamp from absorbing moisture and, ultimately leakage. You will have peace of mind for your unit this way.

Higher Watt Bulb

As stated above, the higher level of temperature keeps the salt lamp from leakage. Keeping in view the effectiveness of the temperature of a salt lamp, it is suggested to plug a bulb with higher watts.

Usually, the salt lamp comes with a 10-watt bulb. However, a 25-35 watts bulb can be even more useful to prevent leakage of water from your salt lamp. Always keep the manufacturer’s recommendation of maximum watts bulb in view, though.

Increased bulb wattage than the suggested range will be harmful to your salt lamp. It might lead to accidents and damage your property too.

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3 Salt Lamp Leaking Dangers

When a salt lamp leaks, there are a few dangers associated. A few of them are listed below to help you avoid them:


Recurrent leakage of water from the salt lamp is a reason for corrosion. The salt lamp itself and the furniture on which it is on gets corroded with continuous water tears. Make sure the surface of the salt lamp is not of metal since it attains corrosion real quick.

Electrical Hazard

A cord connects the salt lamp to the outlet. And it is this cord that becomes the electrical hazard when the salt lamp leaks. Better is to wipe off the leaking water with a cloth immediately and prevent any mishap that can take place.


The salt lamp consists of an irregular shape. There’s no fixed position or site from where it leaks water. That’s how the shape of the salt lamp changes, and it turns out misbalanced. In that regard, keep it in a safe place to prevent fall over and disintegration.


A leaking salt lamp is absolutely normal and genuine. A salt lamp, when absorbs the moisture gets to leakage or releasing the droplets back into the air. You should never get worried about it.

To prevent it from recurrent leakage, keeping one in a dry place with a low moisture level is suggested. You can also cover it with a plastic bag when you are out, turn it on for an entire day in your presence, use a higher wattage bulb and a dehumidifier along.

When you’ll do all of it, the leakage of your salt lamp will minimize.






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