Why Is My Salt Lamp Turning White? How to Prevent?

Wondering why is my salt lamp turning white? Let us first say it’s nothing to worry about, and your salt lamp is absolutely normal.

A salt lamp runs a cycle of trapping moisture content from the atmosphere. It then releases the droplets back into the environment. There’s a breakage of ionic bond with the salt lamp, shedding tears if you deem down this process.

When the salt lamp is made, the salt is given maximum pressure to reduce its size. Once the bond breaks and the water goes back into the air, thick salt particles cover the surface of the salt lamp.

You should never be worried about this white color or layer covering your salt lamp.

Take note, change on your salt lamp is alone in its appearance; it has nothing to do with the lamp’s property. It will help you breathe, sleep, and minimize allergies like it used to before.

The white layer is a sign that your salt lamp is doing great. But here’s an issue, the salt lamp loses its beauty with the salt accumulating on the top.

Restoring the beauty and the amber glow is possible, though.

Keep reading till the end to know how to prevent this white color and water leakage from the salt lamp.

Why is my salt lamp turning white?

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How to Prevent Salt Lamp from Turning White?

Keep in Dry Places

The white color of the salt lamp is directly proportional to the amount of water shed off in the atmosphere – you might have understood it until now. In that regard, the first thing you should do is keep your salt lamp in a dry place.

Why is my salt lamp turning white

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Low moisture content or dry places is what we regard as the same here. Avoid placing one in your kitchen or bathroom with a high level of moisture. When you position it there, the salt lamp arrests the moisture, releases water, and leaves a white layer of salt behind.

Wipe It Off

Right after you know that your salt lamp has released a lot of water into the air, wipe it off. First, turn it off, though. Then wipe it with a clean and dry cloth, so it absorbs the water droplets.

wiping salt lamp

Not only will it keep the white salt layer from housing, but it will also prevent corrosion. The droplets from the salt lamp are an electrical hazard and invite corrosion if left for a long.

Give it Some Time

Be patient. Once you are done with the wiping job, give it some time. Don’t plug the lamp back in within a few moments of cleanup. Make sure it’s dried by keeping it in a dry place so it regains its original shape.

Other than a dry, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it off. However, you’d have to give your salt lamp a little more time than to get dried.

Gently rub the cloth against the salt lamp. With the water leakage, the salt lamp gets imbalanced, and there’s a chance it will tip over under pressure.


Worry not about why is my salt lamp turning white. It is normal for the salt lamp to accumulate a white layer on top due to the release of water and the breakage of ionic bonds. The salt thickness in this white layer is due to a change of its form or recrystallization.

To prevent this white layer from permanently sitting there, ensure your salt lamp is in a low moisture area. Besides, wipe off the white layer once you see it, and you’ll get the exact amber glow out of your salt lamp as before.

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